NEWPORT COAST VOLLEYBALL CLUB "Where Beginners Come to Learn, Players Come to Excel and Love of The Game Grows" REOPENING THIS FALL!
NEWPORT COAST VOLLEYBALL CLUB         "Where Beginners Come to Learn, Players Come to Excel and Love of The Game Grows"REOPENING THIS FALL!


NCVBC is proud to offer our Volley High program.  Our Volley High teams are provided with professional coaching and training as we focus on developing all skills and instilling in each player a LOVE FOR THE GAME!  It is less competitive than the SCVA leagues as we aspire to give all players a chance to learn each position and have fewer players per team to allow for maximum playing time.  Volley High is the perfect program for the busy student athlete who wants to prepare for the next level and gain confidence and skill for their middle school and high school team.  

 NCVBC aspires to be an outstanding athletic organization that provides a high quality experience. We are one of the only developmental youth volleyball programs in Southern California.  We begin training, supporting and encouraging young and aspiring volleyball players as early as kindergarten though the 8th grade.
* Players will learn "life lessons" that have value beyond the playing field.
* They will develop basic skills as well as learn how to strive for goals.
* They learn skills and sportsmanship that they will use throughout 
their lives.

We recognize that coaches are the people who most directly make all of this possible.  

We are committed to creating both a positive culture, in which parents, families and staff all work together to achieve our mission.

NCVBC supports global youth programs around the world and donates a portion of profits to Rescue Humanity and the vulnerable children of Nepal.




Clinics in September on Mondays & Thursdays  


Starting October 3 at the Newport Coast Community Center on Fridays and Sundays for ages Kindergarten thru 8th Grade.

Newport Coast

Volleyball Club

Kimberly Coleman Nagy

416 Vista Roma
Newport Beach 92660


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